About Me

Gary Pearl a Reno Photographer

Great photography happens by…

Controlling the photographic process. Because it doesn’t matter if I’m shooting industrial, corporate, adventure or location – there are always several variables threatening to challenge the outcome of the shoot. Variables like lighting, space to maneuver, or on one location, the size of the rapids that day.

That’s why I arrive with a huge arsenal of equipment and use smart techniques developed over my 20 years of experience. Together, this lets me control the variables, helping me produce the impactful images you expect.

“Extreme Photojournalism”
But many times, my shots require more than skilled production and the latest equipment. Sometimes, they also need a mix of stamina and athleticism – sort of like photojournalism meets extreme sports. That’s where my lifetime of skiing, training as a whitewater guide, and boater come in handy.

By bringing together physical training with photography skills, I can produce great pictures under the harshest conditions:

I shoot on mountains, staying out in -20°F with the wind whipping me raw while I stand waist deep in snow. No matter how swollen and chapped my fingers get, I refuse gloves so I can manipulate the camera for the best shots…

I’m on the river for hours, occasionally falling out of the raft as it tosses me around class 5 rapids. Even with the constant movement and a 20-pound camera bashing into my skull, I still manage to control the elements for exciting images…Gary Pearl in the Kennebec River while shooting white water rafting in Maine

And I love it.

I dive headfirst into your product
I’m the wettest guy in the business. Shooting in, on, under and through the water. Jumping right into the action with incredible stamina. For outdoor sports and gear, I often know how to expertly use the equipment I’m photographing. This insight ensures my pictures capture action as if you’re right there experiencing it yourself.

When you see my photos, I want you to feel how awesome it is to be out there and feel eager to experience it yourself!

Great photography is all about timing…
Great photography is about reacting. It’s about anticipating action before it happens and knowing when to execute. By the time my finger pushes the shutter button, the camera mechanisms react just in time to capture that magical moment. It’s what master photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called the decisive moment.

That decisive moment is what gives your pictures impact. That’s what makes your customers want to learn more about the story and experience it themselves.

I create off the vibe of my subject
Working together, you’ll notice I’m an energetic guy who’s very down to earth. Rather than dictate the shoot, I create off the vibe of my subject while managing the environment, and product to convey the story.

As a result, the photo witnesses the moments that define the subjects and help them live on forever. So that generations later, a child can see their grandparent’s personality because they’re so alive in that moment.

The Continuing Hilarious Adventure
As of late my wife ,Gwen and I have moved around quite a bit.  Most recently we have landed in the quintessential seaside village of Rockport, in Massachusetts. That after having spent a number of years in the eastern sierra near Lake Tahoe, skiing and exploring. Now in Rockport we are setting down roots! Nothing beats the seashore, beaches, waves, kayaking,  fishing, and the massive storms that the Atlantic provides. Its never boring with all that going on around us.

Please join us on our adventure;

Gary Pearl