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For Sale Complete Canon 5D MarkII Aqua Tech Water Housing

Slip in your Canon 5D MarkII and morph into Jacques Cousteau! This tool will provide you the means to put yourself where the WET action is! The Splash Zone! Surf, White Water, where ever you play and  video, or shoot pictures. 2 ports. Superwide, and 16-35 compatible, other stuf! This stuff is mint! For Sale [...]

The Flying Labrador


New Blog On ActiveRain

      Please check out my first bog on ActiveRain, a real estate based social media site. Please hit the link below!

Van Alden Weisz, Saddleback Snowboarder


Huge Tuesday

Tuesday, February 26, had some epic surf conditions at Long Beach, Rockport MA.  

Sea Eagle Kayak Videos

Sea Eagle FastTrack inflatable kayak paddling on Lake Tahoe Paddling the Sea Eagle LongBoard SUP in Lake Tahoe Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks – Whitewater thrills and flatwater touring

Mount Kahtahdin Sunrise Time Lapse

Mount Kahtahdin

Whit Horn, First Descent Of Smalls Falls In A Inflatable Kayak!

  Whit Horn has done it again! Dropping Smalls falls near Rangeley Maine.  Working with Sea Eagle Boats I am producing content to expand brand recognition, bring people to the website, and of course boost sales. This shoot was very exciting, just the safety factors involved made me sweat! We had 4 volunteers on safety, [...]

Elephant Seals of Ano Nuevo State Park

Hundreds of thousands of northern elephant seals once inhabited the Pacific Ocean. They were slaughtered wholesale in the 1800s for the oil that could be rendered from their blubber. By 1892, only 50 to 100 individuals were left. The only remaining colony was on the Guadalupe Island off the coast of Baja California. In 1922, [...]

Wild Fire, Washoe Drive Fire, Near Reno Nevada

A devastating wild fire hit yet again. Washoe Valley and South Reno were hit hardest from the most recent conflagration. At this point according to the radio 4000 acres have burnt. These fire fighters have saved some much property. Our first responders are the best! My wife and I are fortunate, this time, flames missed [...]