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Sea Eagle Fast Track Video

Lake Tahoe blessed us with her charms for the newest Sea Eagle video. Perfect conditions, warm, and glass. The new Sea Eagle Fast Track is a great boat, and fun to shoot. This video showcases my new video services.

Sea Eagle Long Board Video

Here it is my first commercial video production.  New skills, new gear, more talent! Great work by John Hoge, Cecil Hoge, Mike Pudlo, Cory Neil. Check it out!

Klamath River with O.A.R.S.

This summer my son Austin and I had the pleasure of joining O.A R.S on a Klamath River rafting trip. The Klamath River  run 263 mile through southern Oregon, and northwest California. Our O.A.R.S. trip covered about 25 river miles, and three nights, centered in the Happy Camp region, California. This was Austins first over-night [...]

Wild Horses Of Washoe Valley

My adopted home of Washoe Valley, just south of Reno, Nevada, is also home to a number of herds of wild horses. I scrambled up the hill in front of my home to snap a few!

Merced River with O.A.R.S

The Merced River is just outside of Yosemite National Park and its rockin. Tremendous snows have fallen in the High Sierra and the melt has made its way into the Merced.The flow was  approx 5000cfs and fun was had by all.Its been as tough spring weather wise, but the sun was out the temperature was [...]

Baby, Baby, OOOOh baby!

Fresh out of the oven, twins! Congrats to my dear friends on the addition two fold to there flock, herd, school, and mob! What an amazing experience shooting these new arrivals, four weeks old! It was as challenging as photographing a half ton moose, and as thunderous as a posse of Harley’s. But ,oh boy [...]

No Friends On A Powder Day?????

No friends on a powder day? I beg to differ.That comment is sounded often, and it tends to irk me. Friends, and powder together means exponential fun. This should apply to all skiers and riders. Seeing a friends ear to ear grin, eating, chocking on, and shralping powder is great. Not only is it fun [...]

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams (Me Too)

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams, in addition its my birthday too! We celebrate Ansel as the premiere and original landscape photographer by which all other landscape photographers are judged.He is also credited with helping to bring many national parks into existence The guy was incredible, cruising around the wilderness with his mule Mistletoe. No digital for [...]

Ski Magazine Photo Placement

The February issue of Ski Magazine has been good to me. Considering the climate of magazine publishing I am fortunate. Thank you Kerri Bascetta for recognizing my talent and using it to its full potential in your layout. Hilary Nangle  your words are right on target. The picture is huge across two pages and on [...]

Peace Love and Joy from Gary and Gwen