Happy Birthday Ansel Adams (Me Too)

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams, in addition its my birthday too! We celebrate Ansel as the premiere and original landscape photographer by which all other landscape photographers are judged.He is also credited with helping to bring many national parks into existence The guy was incredible, cruising around the wilderness with his mule Mistletoe. No digital for him, he would coat 8×10 glass plates with a light sensitive liquid amalgam of silver oxides.These glass plates had more resolution then most film ever had, and most likely still surpasses any digital format.Oh, and in places like Yosemite, he didn’t have to fight the crowds we have today.¬† What makes Ansel Adams photos so great? It was his technique of manipulating film called The Zone System. The Zone system is a photographic technique for determining optimal exposure. Its what makes the skies in his photos that deep black, and balances the tonality in specific zones from white to black. For example the zone for Caucasian skin tone is Zone four.¬† He achieved this through exposure and development of film. With digital photography it is similar,choose how you would like your tonalities to fall in line and expose for them. My black sky results are achieved¬† through under exposure and fiddling with Levels and contrast in Photoshop. Its also a question of timing the magic hours, weather and location. Plus you need a good shot to begin with. (The answer in all photography).

Please view some of my Ansel inspired works. These where shot on the summit of Saddleback Mountain Resort in Maine.

Ansel Adams inspired black and white photography of rime ice formations at Saddleback Mountain Resort Maine

Rare Mexican Staring Frog of Sri Lanka. (Don't look or it will freeze you too)

Ansel Adams inspired Black and white photograph of rime covered trees at Saddleback Mountain Resort Maine

Frozen Trees

Ansel Adams inspired Black and White photograph of The westerm Mountains of Maine

Frozen Longfellow Mountains of Maine

Ansel Adams inspired Black and White photography of frozen tree at Saddleback Mountain Resort Maine

The Wind and the Frozen

Ansel Adams Legacy is tremendous. I hope he is looking down from is Zone two cloud and is pleased with the direction that photography has taken. So happy birthday Ansel Adams born February 20th 1902. Other great photographers born on February 20th include myself, Gary Pearl and my life long friend Todd Harrison.

So everybody get a mule and get out there and create great photography.

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  1. Gary:
    Beautiful images of Maine! Thanks for sharing. Great to hear from you and Happy Birthday, Man!

  2. Happy Birthday Gary — Have a terrific month!

  3. Gail Persichilli says:

    All I can say is this – great photos!!! Yes, Ansel would be very proud!!!

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