Sea Eagle Explorer kayak cataloge photo shoot

I wrangled up Nate Carona last Friday and we headed to the Truckee River in California to test and photograph Sea Eagle’s upgrade of the Explorer Kayak. This was the first opportunity to use my new Canon 5D mark II. We put in on the Truckee at Hirshdale and took out at Floristan this allowed us to paddle approximately 7 miles, including the Class III or IV section Bronco Buster and Jaws. The riverĀ  flow for the day was at 250 CFS.

Nate Carona Kayaking the Truckee River California

Truckee River with foliag

Using the new Canon 5D Mark II was great. This camera body is drastically lighter in weight, and much smaller in size. While this is a pleasure, I hope it has the engineering to take the abuse, and conditions in which I tend to shoot.

Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak running rapids on the Truckee River

Nate Carona running the Truckee River

In addition to stills, for the first time I shot HD video. Literally a pres of a button it either a still or footage. This type of camera is defined as a HDSLR and requires a different approach then your typical camcorder. You must focus it manually, and I shot it at a manual exposure setting. This was a bit like the days of film and before auto focus. Here is a short HD video sample Running Jaws

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