The Camera Hunt

“Its just a light tight box with a hole in it”

Quoted to me college, it’s accurate to a point. In film days it was right on. Now starting the second digital decade its much less poignant. Meaning that fancy high priced bells and whistles of the past meant little in capturing the great shot. Now some of those bells whistles and huge technological leaps are a must have. Tremendous advances have been made in autofocus, auto exposure ,sensors, lens quality, etc, etc, I could go on. Figuring out what is essential to me is the hard part, the hunt.

Its open season, and it will be a Canon!

Currently I use the EOS ID Mark II. Wow, this was purchased 9 years ago and was priced at $8,999. when first released. Sounds like big bucks, it was the cutting edge at the time. This Camera took me from film into the first “Digital Decade” full steam, with little maintenance and amazing performance.Now the menu is broad and the cameras that I’m  considering are the Canon 5D Mark II $2499. and Canon 7D $1499.  Two amazing  machines at least 66% less in price with an infinite increases in capabilities. The 5D is 21 mega pixels, huge! The 7D 17 mega pixels. Most incredible is the HD Video capabilities opening a new realm of creativity that just didnt exist before.

More to come!

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