The Digital Decade Part I

The digital decade, at this point it is safe to declare it just that. In the past ten years I have given up film, gone digital, built a great biz, squandered a good part of that biz,(for a number of reasons), and now rebuilding that biz with exciting new technology and direction!

Giving up film has to be the greatest thing since Chef Boyaredee. Film was expensive, shooting Fuji Velvia, my film of choice cost $30 per roll (at least) to deliver. Film is horribly polluting.The processing soup could change a 3 eyed fish to 4. Film was difficult to travel with. (I could shoot 200 rolls of film on location, imagine flying with that now).Film needed to be exposed properly. Think of rafting the Colorado River for 10 days and never seeing the results untill your back home at your studio.You could have a malfunction and never know it. We all know what happens today! Press display! Ok Ok I do miss the beauty of film, Fuji Velvia is/was magnificant! Kodak recently stopped producing their premier Kodachrome. Paul Simon needs to write a new song about Photoshop! You remember, “I got a Nikon camera. Love to take a photograph. So mama dont take my Kodachrome away!” Ill stop singing!

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