The Maine White Water Rafting Industry Shoot

Gary Pearl Photography was hired this summer by Fieldstone Media to photograph the rafting industry in Maine. The client was the Maine State Tourism Department. The detail of my gig was to shoot Point Of View in the River, and in the rafts. My outfitters was Northern Outdoors, located in The Forks Maine. (The only vampires there are mosquitoes)in addition I worked with Northeast Guide service out of Greenvile Maine, on the shores of Moose Head Lake. The Kennebec is a great river to raft, dam controlled at Harris Station, so you have Class IV rafting all summer, everyday.

Point of view means in your face. I ride the raft from put in, to take out. I use my EOS 1DS Mark 11 in a Aquatech housing with a super wide port to accommodate a 15mm 2.8 Ful Frame Fish-eye lens. This enables me to photograph the entire 16 foot  Moravia raft.

White Water Rafting The Kennebec River in Maine USA, with Northern Outdoors

White Water Rafting the Kennebec River In Maine, with Northern Outdoors

I sit myself up front in the stern of the raft on the tube wedge my foot under the thwart and shoot away. Yes  this is fun ! Not only is this fun but this is what I do best, producing the best photography in, on, under, and through the water.

Rafters floating in the Kennebc River Maine

Rafters floating in the Kennebec River Maine USA

3 days where spent shooting. The weather just got better everyday. Great photography was produced!


Family rafting on the Kennebec River Maine

The family out for a day rafting on the Kennebec River Maine

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