The New Beginning

The new website is up! www.garypearlphotography.com . Thank you  Kristy Crabtree for the wonderful design and the great service.Its great working with you as this continues to evolve. Nice job interpreting my ideas and bringing them to fruition.  Also, I would like to thank Brett Simmons  for recommending Kristy to me and for instilling  a new philosophy  that has set me off on this new direction… Blogging, SEO ,inbound marketing, and, social media. This was gained at his class at TMCC a few short months ago. Kristy has a similar class coming up, that I would highly recommend as a starting point for this new media scene.

It is now all up to me, keep it fresh, and keep it coming.”Content I am full of it” ( A quote by Brett Simmons) I plan to blog and chat, instruct, and display on a number of topics mostly related to my photography business. Plus I am sure I am going to spout off on a bunch of un-biz -related topics depending on the state of my world. What state is that, that will be defined later.

Gary Pearl floating in the Kennebec River while shooting White Water Rafting

Gary Pearl immersed in his work!

Ahead of me are a number of equipment up grades. Including an new camera, and new video gear. I plan to bring both types of media together. Incorporating stills, video, and moving stills into one vision. The new gear available is just remarkable, “Photo 2.0″! I coined a phrase!

While it is chilling down, Lake Tahoe is still relatively “warm”. I have a few weeks to get back in the water and shoot along the same lines demonstrated in the shots of Austin in the gallery of my website.  This time donning a mask, weight belt and fins,(camera too) I hope to shoot some hunky guys, and pretty girls in on and under the water. If I don’t drown, I plan to write extensively on those shots. Keep an eye out for the results! And , many words on technique, equiptment and exotic loctaions

Austin swimming in Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbour State Park

Austin swimming in Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbour State Park

Next,winter is coming and I look forward to skiing, and exploring the back country here around Lake Tahoe, south to the Mammoth region, and east towards the Ruby’s. Then before you know it spring , and back on the water. I will be in the face of rafters on a variety of rivers here in the west!

I am available for all types of photography assignments. Lets get the adventure going! Please keep up to date by visiting my site  often. Also please feel free to comment, or ask questions or make suggestions!

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