Digital Decade II and Wedding Photography

The Digital Decade( a phrase that I have coined to describe the digital transformation of the past 10 years) has influenced all aspects of photography. Commercial, retail, and amateur. Personally it has affected me in all those ways. In one way, was my wedding. Its an interesting story that unfolds in a similar way for many people on their wedding day, and like me, for a long time after that special day.  My wife and I where planning our wedding party( we eloped on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, Simple Tahoe Weddings handled the the legalities) as an informal affair with family and friends in the beautiful back yard of my in-laws home near the beach in Scarborough Maine.  We self catered it with wonderful food  and flowers from Whole Foods Market.

Of course we included steamed lobsters from the local pier, hey, its Maine, and they where good!

We did it all our selves and we where proud. Except for the photography.  I (along with my wife) was busy planning everything, I really never thought about photography. Kinda like how an accountant saves his taxes for the last moment.Or a lawyer writes his own contracts. I figured since it was to be “informal” people would show up with all those great inexpensive cameras that everybody has. I have shot so many weddings  where its more like a Hollywood awards ceremony with paparazzi flashes going off everywhere. Cousins, Aunts and friends jockeying to get their shots! I have been hip checked more then once while shooting the bride coming down the isle, or the first dance, etc etc. One thing, I have never seen  the results of all this amateur photography.

Oh I have, when it was time to see the pictures from my big day! My wife, her eyes well up with tears, and I am totally disappointed when ever I think about it. While it was “informal” it was the day that I declared my  love to my wife in front of my family and friends. It was the greatest day of my life. The greatest party I ever attended! It was  during tropical storm Hannah it rained 6 inches tt and our tent almost ended up in OZ. A day and night filled with photo opts that where missed, memories not captured. Pictures that wont be shared with children, and children’s children.

I have been living in Reno now for one year and have been working at reestablishing my wedding photography business here locally. As a member of Weddings of the West an organization of wedding professionals I have attended local wedding shows. Also I am a Preferred Partner at Davids Bridal. I have met and spoken with many, so many brides. When asked about their photography plans, to my astonishment a high percentage say they have friend, or family member who takes great pictures. From experience please reconsider!

There are so many great photographers out there that have shot 100s of weddings. Men and women whose job and passion it is to capture those memories that will last for generations.The professional photographer will deliver the shots that you expect  in a timely fashion in a way that is simple for you to use  and share with friends and family. I offer a no frills “All Day”  shooting package. Other photographers will shoot by the hour and I understand $150-$200 is common. What is the  value of having  a professional shoot your wedding. I truly know the answer.


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