Whit Horn, First Descent Of Smalls Falls In A Inflatable Kayak!


Whit Horn has done it again! Dropping Smalls falls near Rangeley Maine.  Working with Sea Eagle Boats I am producing content to expand brand recognition, bring people to the website, and of course boost sales.

This shoot was very exciting, just the safety factors involved made me sweat! We had 4 volunteers on safety, one was a first responder. Still there was unease, all and all its about fun, and it would suck if Whit got hurt. So as it says in the video, don’t try it at home!

Capturing the video was done with 5 cameras. 2 Canon 5D’s, 2 Gopro’s, 1 Contour, and one Rode shotgun mic. The Gopro’s were attached to the helmet facing back, and front. The Contour was on the bow. One Canon 5D was stationed on a tripod looking over the cliff, and I hand held the other 5D. One loud whistle blast,and it was on! Whit showed us again his incredible athletic talents, and I was able to get it all on those five cameras!

Congratulations Whit.


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